Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 
    Oct 02, 2023  
Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Specialization: Sociology with Emphasis in Community Health, MA

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This degree provides in-depth knowledge and skills for those who wish to become practicing sociologists in the field of community health. Those who gain this degree will have the necessary sociological insight to assist in positive transformation of the community. The program emphasizes population-based health analysis and programming in the MA curriculum.

Admission Application Requirements

Regular Admission

In addition to the requirements for graduate admission into Our Lady of the Lake University, applicants will provide:

  1. An undergraduate course in statistics with a letter grade of B or better is a prerequisite for admission to the program. The prerequisite of an undergraduate course in statistics is for the reason: Consideration of descriptive, explanatory and predictive statistics, univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistics, and inferential statistics is a part of a number of the courses in the MA Degree Plan: SOCI 6316 , SOCI 6325 , SOCI 6333 , SOCI 6342  (Migration) and SOCI 6315 , SOCI 6316  (Sociology Practice). The Program prefers the embedding of statistics in the courses rather than offering a separate graduate course in statistics.

  2. A personal statement detailing preparation to undertake the degree and reasons for wishing to study for the degree
  3. Two letters of recommendation not more than one year old from persons knowledgeable (college instructors or relevant employers) of the professional potential of the applicant (forms supplied by the University)
  4. Interview with faculty member(s) of the Department of Applied Social and Cultural Sciences

NOTE: Meeting minimum admission standards does not guarantee admission.

International Students

An international student seeking admission into the master’s degree program for a Master of Arts in sociology should refer to the international admission section of this catalog for additional information on credentials needed for admission.

Conditional Admission

Conditional acceptance is granted on the merits of each case.

Special Admission

Students may apply for admission as a special student for their own personal interests or to transfer credit to a home institution. Special students who desire to change their status to that of a regular student must apply for admission to the Sociology Admissions Committee and gain approval of the dean of the School of Professional Studies.

30 semester hours

Offered through Weekend Program

Twenty four of the semester hours are specific to Sociology. The student is allowed to select six hours of electives.

The following coursework must be completed to fulfill academic requirements of the degree:

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